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and from law officials about the weather, people are still out and about running through their daily routines. tonight, some fans said that they were unphased by the snow as they came to support the sioux city musketeers, like any true fan would. and as long as their vehicles were working...they would be in tendance. "we like watching hockey and there's nothing else to do i guess," said polley. "i love it, i love the snow. i love it, i love the weather," said hammond. though there was a small crowd at the hockey game, sioux city officer jeremy mcclure cautions residents to be careful and to not go out unless it is necessary as reports forced answer calls that caused major "if you do have to go out in conditions like this please slow down have patience, plan your route the best you can, stick first...slow down," said mcclure. be seen in the parking lot of the tyson events center city as levels of snow have reached inches and counting.
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been about 30 have been since noon today. officer mcclure those accidents cause serious injuries, but he cannot express enough how serious these conditions can be and to not risk it if you don't have to and to check your tires and to make sure that withstand these circumstances. reporting live in sioux city, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: thanks for that report bria jenna: the timing of the snow made for a bad situation for some busses trying to get kids home from school. a parent took this vodeo of a bus stuck at north high school. you can see a car start to lose control as it comes down the hill... and runs right into the stranded bus. we don't know of any injuries, but we have heard multiple reports of kids that got home hours laters than
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tim: this afternoon, woodbury county put a tow ban in effect, meaning cars that get stranded will have to stay there until at least tomorrow. hills around town wererespecially tricky, and i-29 and lewis boulavard were backed up for a good part of the late afternoon. some drivers from out of town stopped to get gas to and starting to make hotel arrangements, as well. while locals just tried to slowly get home. "i was just trying to go up this hill and i just kind of got stuck. it's kind of hard, it's a little different living in a place where there are a lot of hills so," said jordadaschultz. city plows have been out since last night when they tried to get a jump on the storm. they'll continue to clear roads through the night. jenna: it's hard for our cameras to get everywhere when the weather's like this... but you sure took some great pictures. curtis berry sent us this one looking at arnold's park. tim: heres a picture from northwest iowa from beth williams jenna: and theresa van
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sloten sent us this picture from orange city tim on cam: thank you for sending in your pictures tim on cam american airlines wont be leaving siououcity after all. earlier this week it appeared that united airlines edged out american to provide service at sioux gateway ariport begining next april. united's request for federal financial assistance was substantially less than american's. but late this week american notified the u-s dot it would no longer require a federal subsidy to operate in sioux city.. locking up the service. american, which started flying from sioux city in 2012, will continue to offer 12 connecting flights per week to chicago o'hare international airport. jenna: a south siououcity man died in a two vehicle accicint near laurel nebraska this morning, but weather conditions were not a factor. according to the cedar county sheriff, 25 year old aaron surber was driving north on highway 15 about three miles south of laurel. his jeep libery crossed the center line,
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colliding with a pickup driven by a laurel man. surber's vehicle rolled several times. he was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle. a passenger in surber's jeep and the other driver did not suffer serious injuries. jenna on cam seven republican candidates foror presesent were in des moines tongiht the family forum event for the republican presidential brought carson, rubio, paul, cruz, fiorina, santorum and huckabee to town. at one point protestors disrupted the event..chanting and holding up a banner that read "is deportation a family value?" tim: before that event... sen ted cruz made several stops in iowa... including sioux city this morniong he spoke to a packed house at briar cliff university. the republicanan made stops with h iowa congressman steve king.... who annoced his endorsent of cruz earlier this week cruz also had stops in harlan, des moines, clear lake, nora springs, and osage.
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tim prior to that event both men stopped by our studios to tape for our sunday political show, this week in siouxland. during our conversation we spoke in detail about the refugee situation in europe and the terrorist attacks in france. cruz responded to comments made by president obama who said some republicans are using fear to score politial points. this is what senator cruz had to say. "my response is that if he wanted to insult me, come insult me to my face. it's east to toss a cheap insult when there is no one there to respond. let's have a debate about his syrian policy, his failed foriegn policy" tim: i also spoke with representative king about why he wants to stop all refugees from coming to the united states. "we can querry them until the cows come home, but if we don't have them in our data base we are never going to be able to discover... futhermore here is how i described it. this is a huge haystack of humanity. it's 10,000 acacrding to the president's proposal, but about 5 million syrian refugees, maybe 15
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haystack of humanity, and in that haystack are the needles we would call terrorist." tim: and you can catch my full interview with senator ted cruz... this sunday at nine a-m... on this week in siouxland. jenna: there's more clarity on the future of sioux city's public swimming pools. a public meeting is coming up on december first... to give your input on the plan to close a couple pools after next season. the proposal is to close cook and leeds pools after next summer. eventually, lief erikson will also close and lewis will be replaced with an aquatic center. eric griffith, recreation supervisor, says, " kind of the misconception i hear from everybody is that we're building a wild water west in sioux city. we're looking at a family aquatic center similar to riverside, but an updated version of riverside." if you want to voice your opinion about the future of the pools, again the public meeting is december first in council chambers at city hall at seven in the evening.g. tim:
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the world's largest farmer- owned soybean processor, is moving forward with plans for a second expansion at its sgt bluff plant. just today a-g-p received more than 300-thousand dollars in incentives from the state of iowa. the woodbury county board of supervisors also is amending it's development agreement with the omaha based company. a-g-p announced it's first expansion at the sgt bluff plant in december.... this second expansion brings it's total investment to about 130-million dollars and creates 23 new jobs. " these jobs are really good jobs,they have full benefits they're paid well. great job for young folks to get involved in this process. it's exciting we're looking at a really great future in woodbury county. " tim: construction on the project is planned for the spring... and is expected to be completed by 20-17. jenna: the kids at nodland elementary had a very special guest visit them this morning...
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mcdonald mascot ronald mcdonald! ronald spoke to the students about bullying... and how friendship is the key to stopping the problem. he also talked to the kids about respect and communication with peers, teachers and parents. " bullies! yeah. there bullies everywhere, and we want to help kids be able to deal with 'em. see, when a bully starts picking on you, if you walk away, hey, that's a better way to deal with 'em than kind of confront 'em. you could also say stop, ugh, than go tell somebody, but the best way to deal with a bully, is to be a friend " jenna: and the principal of nodland says having a fun and recognizable figure like ronald mcdonald was a fantastic treat for students to experience. " it's a great opportunity to bring ronald mcdonald. everyone is so familiar with him, and the work that he does, the charities that he sponsors, it was a good opportunity to bring him in and be rewarded for the great things they have done this school year." jenna: ronald also visited students at akron- westfield and
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river valley community school today. also, the ronald mcdonald house is still planning to have their scheduled event tonight dispite the snow! still to come... well take a look how recent events in paris have effected folks' holiday travel plans (fred) the storm will be winding down soon, but we have a cold weekend, and maybe a thanksgiving storm. stay tuned for the forecast!
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thanksgiving. families are already starting to hit the roads and pack planes. and with recent rror attacks overseas... many are noticing a larger police presence. ababs brandi hitt reports. " " package script: nats -- (whistle as dog walks) 1 this is the new normal this holiday season. heightened security at airports across the country... ((graphic - michael makes)) with 25.3 million passengers expected to fly on u-s airlines... in the 12 days surrounding thanksgiving. sot -- lexi goodman, traveler "to be honest i thought it would be this crowded." 3 with the recent terror attacks in paris... the bombing of a russian jet... and shooting spree at this mali hotel... t-s-a security lines are expected to be long. soso-- brandi hitt sot t brad garrett, former fbi agent & abc ws terrorism expert i think they'll see more scrutiny of their carry-on bags... and prably their lugggge." 4 the beefed up police presence comes at the same time...
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((wn-- animated graphic)) abc news obtained a confidential f-b-i bulletin... reporting suspected terror us from france in the last 90 days -- landing in los new york. this week... two false bomb threats grounded air france flights... nats -- "flight attendant - disarm doors..." 2 and two men were spirit jet after an emergency landing. threat. threat that a spirit now says that threat -- was a misunderstanding. inteteogated and released... claims he terrorist. sot -- (no name given) passengers flying this week say the extra security and tension though... won't stop their travel plans. sot -- (too fast to super) sot -- glenn slavicek, traveler / / 'i've been waiting 5 years for this trip. i'm not about to blow it right now." 3 (jenna) fred, how does the weekend look? 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) fred hexom fhom@kcautv.c the hd radar shows
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few light snow showers around, but a far cry from what we had earlier. snowvision shows where the heaviest snsn fell in the pipi/purple shading in areas south of sioux falls. in south harrisburg had 17.0", and canton had 16.0". in iowa, sheldon reported 15.5", hawarden got 14.5", and emmetsburg received 13.5". in nebraska, coleridge had 8.0", south sioux norfolk had 2.3". in very poor shape, iowa, where no travel is advised in the orange shading. winter storm in the east for the yellowowhaded areas
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emergency with a winter survival kit. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd. 35 was the high today and 29 the low. look at the snow in storm lake! temperatures are in the 20s. visiblity has improved. winds are north at 5-20 mph. wind chills are in the teens. you can see the system moving east. the stormcast shows the snow then a very coldldnd drdrweekend. little to no additional snow can be expected on top of what already fell today. tonight's low will be 12 degrees with snow ending in the evening. tomorrow's high will be 24 with sunny skies. the 7-day shows 30s next week, except wednesday, when we have a chance of rain. a mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow looks likely for thankgiving day.
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thanks, fred. coming up in sports...a few diehard fans made the trek to the tyson to watch
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the musketeers tonight. could sioux city give them a win? tim plus dakota valley w w one win away from state find out if they could get past their rivals from sioux falls christian up
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sioux x lls christian n s won each state volleyball championship in south dakota's class a. the two met for the state championship in 12, then each of the past three years the matchup has occured in the semis...just like tonight. chargers and panthers playing for a spot in tomorrow's championship. in the first...meredith lammers...we've seen her do this a ton this season...a huge swing puts dv up 15-14.
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but shelby zomermaand has the answer for the chargers...they retake the lead 19-16. the panthers keep p working ththleft side...lamamrs...thi s time takessomething off it and finds the floor. this one still in progress, chris: it's an 8 and a half hour drive from green bay to sioux city so the musketeers and gamblers play a pair of games this weekend. and since green bay made it to town last night, the teams decided to play as scheduled instead of delay. in the first...check out this hot s st from the blulu gornet gets a stick on itbuhe's gonna need new piece of lumber. he'd get one and the ice was tipped in early in the first...tons of zone pressure for the musketeers, jacob wilson with the wind up, but turned aside by adam huska. then pierce pluemer...lugs it in and tries to go near post but huska stays tight to the pipe
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jackson keane tries his hand with a wrister from the dot but again huska with the big was scoreless after one. but in the second,green bay takes advantage of the defensive lapse...marc michaelis finds the back of the net off the nice feed to make it 1-0. and the musketeers, well they fall tonight...that's their third straight defeat...3-1 the final. as we found out last night, the ihsaa decided to delay day two of the state football championships until monday due to the winter weather warning across most of iowa. it's the first time the association has ever delayed the championships. the wolfpack and indians are both scheduled to play at the same time as they would have today. western christian battles five time d& defending champs iowa city regina at 11 am on monday. then spirit lake, in search of another state championship to go along with their crown in 2012, takes the field against mount vernon at 2. these games will not be
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webcast available. girls basketball season o oicially iowa--where allowed it of course. and the ighsau has released its first twelve siouxland teams across all five classes are represented as 2015-16 begins. in class 5a, sioux city west will ranked 14th. have been a game short of the state tourney the last three years. and in 4a, heelan, coming off a state semifinalist season will begin at number 9. in class 3a, nevada and pocahontas area are 1-2, but spirit lake checks in at number six and cherokee is st outside the top ten at number 11. four teams make the poll in 2a, including the defending state champs from unity christian at number 1. western christian is number 3 while lawton-bronson
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finally in 1a, kingsley-pierson is the highest number 4. champs from 6th and george little r rk checks in atat number 10.
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tonight, then clouds will be decreasing. the low will be 12. tomorrow, look for a sunny sky and a high of 24. the 7-day shows 30s next week, except wednesday, when we have a chance of rain. a mix slslt, and snow thankgivininday. stay
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live"! >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, julia roberts. the kids from "black-ish." "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from future. with clele and the cletones. and now, having said all that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: ththk you. you're embarrassing me. , i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for -- wow, you guys are excited tonight.
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thanks for tgit'ing with us tonight. i'll tell you something. we had an extra-big night on abc tonight. our usual shondaland lineup joined the force with star wars, a new "star wars: the force awakens" commercial aired tonight on abc. which might be the first time people sped through the show to get to the commercial. you might be asking yourself, why would they debut new "star wars" footage ininhe middle of an abc block targeted primarily at women? the reason is, it's interesting. their plan is to target both the key demographics of women ages 18 to 49, and men who have never had sex with a woman between the ages 18 and 49, simultaneously, and they've done it. in case you missed it, and i pray that you didn't -- this is tonight's abc "star wars" exclusive. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: glad t ty got away fromomhe cgi. what h hpens in the new movivi
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the force awakens after getting
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